Action Plan

Our partners recognize the need for a coordinated blueprint or roadmap to help inspire alignment in the community toward specific goals for their music ecosystem.

We work together to develop key recommendations that address the challenges and opportunities identified in
 the Census, including Industry, Grassroots Leadership, Community Outreach, Education, Audience, Economic Opportunity, Export, Exchange, Diversity, and more.


Especially important in this phase of the work is diving into the hard work of designing regulatory frameworks and making specific policy recommendations.

We will focus on issues such as:

  • Compliance and Enforcement practices

  • Special Event permitting process

  • Entertainment Districts

  • Land-use planning and zoning

  • Sound/Noise Ordinances

  • Parking and Transportation

  • Cultural District Designation

When possible as part of this deliverable, we introduce programs and initiatives already in operation as potential best practices to help inform further steps.