Sound Music Cities was excited to release The Charlotte Music Ecosystem Study and Action Plan on May 6th, 2019.

Infographic from the Charlotte Music Ecosystem Study and Action Plan by Sound Music Cities

Over the last nine months and with a lot of hard work, together we helped our partners identify five central goals that will build their music community, including audience development, increased support and organization for music makers, music industry development, new structures for community collaboration, and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in local music.

The Action Plan presents more than three dozen action items to help achieve those goals, such as the creation of a Charlotte Musician’s League to organize and lobby for musicians, a Charlotte music venue alliance, a short-term grant to fund music journalism positions, hosting a regional music conference, advocating for policy changes that will prevent further losses of small venues that incubate new talent, and creating a “Charlotte Up Close” festival that capitalizes on Charlotte’s emerging popularity of loft sessions and listening parties.

View the report by clicking on the links below.