Grassroots Working Group and Structured Collaboration Models

We believe music people are the most appropriate and effective leaders of their own industry, deserving of support and recognition by civic partners.

The music census serves as
a call-to-action for music people to speak up and become more engaged. This validation of autonomous working groups such as a musician’s guild, venue alliance, co-working hub, etc. provides a path for better music community self-organization.

Additionally, once autonomous working groups begin to emerge, it is vital to have a model in place to facilitate and structure new ways for this leadership to begin working together in larger-scale collaborations.

It isn’t as simple as creating a music commission. We can provide a blueprint that takes the best new ideas of big social change methodologies and adapts them for creative communities to build structured collaborations with government, private-sector champions, nonprofits, and other industry partners.

It requires a common agenda, shared measurement, reinforcement rather than duplication of efforts, intensive communication, and funding a backbone organization with dedicated resources.