• Don Pitts brings unique insights on how to meld these resources in harmony and assist your city to realize its full potential as a music city.
    — Jim Peters, President of Responsible Hospitality Institute, Scotts Valley CA
  • Don Pitts is, without a doubt, one of the global leaders in music city strategy development and implementation, with hands-on experience leading Austin, one of the busiest music cities in the world.
    — Amy Terrill, lead author of The Mastering of a Music City, Toronto, Ontario
  • When it comes to sound ordinance issues, Don Pitts is the best thing since sliced bread.
    — Mary Ingle, President of Austin Neighborhoods Council
  • During his seven years inside Austin’s city government, Pitts was something of a trailblazer, tasked with diagnosing and treating the many problems facing the music economy, large and small.
    — Andrew Flanagan, NPR Music
  • A leader of music strategy, and an ace at balancing the needs of the music and nightlife industry with the needs of community.
    — Kate Becker, Director of Film and Music Office, City of Seattle
  • Don thinks outside the box when obstacles present themselves, and is always looking for the right combination of dots to connect so that parties who may have been historically adversarial, actually find common ground.
    — Rebecca Reynolds, President of Music Venue Alliance Austin
  • Sound Music Cities brought the depth of knowledge and expertise along with the collaborative spirit and intuitive approach to team building that the project needed to maintain credibility.
    — Abby Goldstein, General Manager of WYEP Pittsburgh