Our services deliver expert strategy and solutions for sound issue management and music city development.

Our primary services are described below. We are happy to work with you to customize our core packages to fit your needs. Ready to talk?

+ Sound Music Cities Initial Assessment

One-day, initial assessment allows us to begin a working relationship while providing immediate value to the community that includes:

  • Pre-visit Consultation (Phone/Web Meeting)
  • Complete a diagnostic set of key questions, providing background
  • Site/City Visit (1 day)
  • Half day of work sessions with key leadership
  • Recap of initial thoughts/findings

Deliverable: Brief Report (1-2 pages) capturing findings of initial visit and proposing useful next steps

+ Sound Music City Industry Expert Roundtable

One-day, guest speaker/panel/group talk on a specific topic. Topics can include:

  • Music friendly policies
  • Musician revenue development strategies
  • Establishing a music office/officer
  • Establishing a music advisory board
  • Engaging the broader music community
  • Venue preservation
  • Live music audience development
  • Music tourism
  • Bridge building: Mediating sound issue disputes

+ Sound Issue Management Assessment and Plan

Multi-month engagement providing a holistic assessment and plan which includes analysis of a city’s specific sound issues, evaluating the sound ordinance, sound mediation workshop with key stakeholders and leaders, and creation of a plan to address the issues and prevent future ones

  • Sound Issue Assessment
    • Work with local sound enforcement to determine the three areas of sound related to sound issues: source, path, and receiver.
    • Mediate a meeting with key stakeholders
    • Recommend plan of action
  • Sound Ordinance/Policy Evaluation
    • Report and present recommendations for improvement
  • Bridge-building workshop: Mediating sound issue disputes
    • Lead a workshop with leaders and stakeholders of sound issues to learn best practices for sound issue mediation.
  • Plan consisting of policy recommendations, stakeholder implementation plan, etc.
  • 30 days follow-on access for specific follow up questions
  • 1-2 site visits (3-5 days total)

+ Sound Music City Development: Audit and Plan

Multi-month engagement providing a holistic assessment and plan which includes analysis of a city’s music and entertainment ecosystem, evaluating existing resources and music related policy. Conduct workshop with key stakeholders and leaders, and recommend plan of action.

  • Music and Entertainment Ecosystem Assessment
  • Engaging the broader music and entertainment community to get their buy-in and support
  • Access to spaces and places
  • Liquor and Business Licensing
  • Parking and Transportation Regulations
  • Land use planning
  • District Designation
  • Audience development
  • Music tourism
  • Musician revenue development plan
  • Live music presentation best practices
  • Government policies that impact music ecosystem
  • 1-2 site visits (3-5 days total)

+ Music Festival Sound Management Plan

Week-long engagement providing an independent Sound Management Plan for Music Festivals and Outdoor Special Events.

  • Identify potential impacts and measures to reduce them
  • Notification and outreach efforts
  • Undertake sound level monitoring during the event
  • Monitor and maintain citizen complaint registry