Expert strategy and solutions at your fingertips

From brief consultations to in-depth assessments and plans, we offer the services that fit your needs. In addition to the packages listed below, we’re happy to create a custom plan just for you. Contact us to learn more.

+ Sound Music Cities Environmental Scan

This initial assessment provides immediate value to your team with no long-term commitment. It is ideal for those seeking a high-level evaluation of current policies and practices with a quick turnaround, and delivers a written report with specific, actionable next steps.

  • Pre-visit Consultation (Phone/Web Meeting)
  • Diagnostic questionnaire, providing background and identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Site/City Visit (1 day)

+ Sound Music City Industry Expert Roundtables

We provide a lead speaker or facilitator, and curate a panel of recognized experts. If you prefer, we can also build a custom session highlighting your local experts and community members. All roundtables include a shareable PDF of the presentation with links to resources on that topic. One-half day and full day roundtables are available on a variety of topics, including:

  • SMC Best Practice Series
    • Music-Friendly Municipal Policy
    • Sound Mediation and Mitigation
    • Revenue Development for Musicians
    • Engaging the Broader Music Community
    • Venue Preservation
    • Live Music Audience Development
    • Music Tourism
  • SMC HOWTO Series
    • HOWTO Establish a Music Office/Officer
    • HOWTO Establish a Music Advisory Board
  • SMC Bridge Building Series
    • Real Estate Development: How It Affects the Music Economy
    • Lobbying the Right Way: Connecting Music Fans with City Hall
    • Mediation Skills: Tools and Techniques for Sound Issue Disputes (interactive)
    • Critical Mass: Partnering with Local Businesses and Non-profits to Drive Social Change
    • Venues vs. Musicians: Uniting Your Community
    • Co-Working: Building a Shared Space for Music Businesses
    • “Pay-to-Play” Is Not Welcome Here: Preventing Predatory Practices in an Emerging Music Scene
  • Half-day of work sessions with key leadership

+ Sound Music Cities Policy Review

Our team does a deep dive into your current policies and regulations, from sound management and festivals to street busking and venue kitchens, and identifies where these rules may be limiting or inhibiting the health and growth of your particular music economy. This service is designed to deliver a more complete understanding of where your team’s policy change efforts can have the most impact. Ideal for clients who have also completed an Environmental Scan.

  • Pre-visit Consultation (Phone/Web Meeting)
  • Diagnostic questionnaire, providing background and identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Half-day report-back session with key leadership, including elected officials

+ Sound Music City Development: Assessment and Plan

Multi-month engagement providing a holistic assessment and customized plan analyzing a city’s music and entertainment ecosystem and evaluating existing resources and music related policy. Includes full Environmental Scan, full Policy Review, one (1) capacity-building workshop, and a final personalized report, Building Your Music City, as well as up to three days of follow-up consulting and course correction tips in the twelve months following report delivery.

  • Music and Entertainment Ecosystem Assessment
  • Engaging the broader music and entertainment community to get their buy-in and support
  • Access to spaces and places
  • Liquor and Business Licensing
  • Parking and Transportation Regulations
  • Land use planning
  • District Designation
  • Audience development
  • Music tourism
  • Musician revenue development plan
  • Live music presentation best practices
  • Government policies that impact music ecosystem
  • 1-2 site visits (3-5 days total)

+ Sound Issue Management: Assessment and Plan

Multi-month engagement providing a holistic assessment and plan analyzing a city’s specific sound issues and evaluating its current sound ordinance, and delivering a customized plan to address the issues and prevent future challenges. Includes full Environmental Scan and two (2) custom capacity-building workshops.

  • Sound Issue Assessment
    • Work with local sound enforcement to analyze the three areas of sound issues; source, path, and receiver
    • In-person meetings with key stakeholders to identify issues and concerns • Sound Ordinance/Policy Evaluation
  • Report and present recommendations for improvement
    • One Bridge-Building workshop for staff and team (recommended: Mediation Skills: Tools and Techniques for Sound Issue Disputes)
    • One Best Practice Workshop for key leaders and stakeholders (recommended: Sound Mediation and Mitigation)
  • Plan consisting of policy recommendations, stakeholder implementation plan, etc.
  • 30 days follow-on access for specific follow up questions
  • 1-2 site visits (3-5 days total on site)

+ Music Festival Sound Management Strategy

We’ll create a custom comprehensive Sound Management Plan for your Music Festivals and other outdoor special events that complies with all local regulations. In this weeklong engagement, we will help you map out your sound management strategy and balance the needs of the special event with the local community's concerns. After the engagement, you will have a sound management plan tailored to your event and community created by experienced sound management experts.

This plan will:

  • Identify potential issues and recommend proven measures to alleviate them
  • Organize your notification and outreach efforts to improve and amplify your communications with community stakeholders
  • Undertake objective sound level monitoring during the event – and provide solutions for your team to employ with sound issues if they arise
  • Implement or enhance your citizen sound complaint registry so your team can respond quickly, confidently, and consistently to feedback, building trust and improving communications with your community

+ A la Carte Services

Not all of our clients need a full package of services. Sometimes a series of phone calls and videoconferences will help get them to the next level.

Others want to customize an existing package by adding specialized support or a policy rewrite. We’re happy to help.

Our team offers the following services, schedule permitting, to new and returning clients:

  • Policy research and rewrite
  • Coordinating and facilitating stakeholder meetings on policy changes
  • Best practice research and reporting
  • In-person support for meetings with elected officials
  • Keynote or breakout presentations for conferences and summits
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Webinars
  • And more.

Contact us to schedule an A la Carte Service or to add one or more to your package.