Our Services

We provide a 360° lens when it comes to the role of music as a key component to a livable city. Our services focus on two important foundations: the Music Ecosystem Study, and Sound Noise Policy.

Music Census

When it comes to music ecosystems, cities share many of the same challenges. While certain patterns may be pervasive, we know the answers are not one-size-fits all. We always hand-craft solutions that are custom-tailored to fit the community they serve. Our core offerings are designed to measure the existing music ecosystem, and develop an action plan building on those findings.

Here’s how:


We start a collaborative dialogue. We understand that any city’s music ecosystem is much larger and more complex than any one organization can reach on their own. We identify and bring together community partners, which is essential for creating population-level impacts.


We talk to people. A lot. We conduct strategic in-person, phone and video in-depth interviews and lead small group sessions with music community members and cross-sector leadership.


We cast a wide net. We design, launch and monitor a custom online survey as a quantitative audit of the multi-faceted components of a music ecosystem. This questionnaire captures demographic information and industry-specific questions, using branch survey techniques, of different sub-sectors of the community. A fan and audience component can be added to the survey to capture consumer trends as it relates to music and overall attitude for local music.


We share what was learned. We present initial findings in working sessions designed to capture input from key stakeholders. This step not only helps inform final recommendations, but also nurtures community ownership and engagement for the final plan of action.


We recommend a clear path forward. We build a comprehensive Action Plan that identifies key themes from data, conversations and years of experience – and a recommendation roadmap with specific action items presented in simple and concrete steps so that the widest range of music community leaders and supporting sector partners can get right to work.

Sound Noise Policy

Music people call it sound. Neighborhoods call it noise. We provide solutions to both.

We’ve found that many ordinances exasperate “us vs. them” positions. Our role is to bridge-build between neighborhoods, business owners, music people and the city to strike sustainable balance in a sound noise policy. Whether you need to do a complete rewrite of your noise ordinance, or only need to tweak it, we can help. We also offer community sound management workshops based on our unparalleled expertise developed by achieving a 70% reduction in sound complaints in Austin.


Simply put, musicians need venues.

We believe a noise ordinance is the “bedrock for municipal music policy” – it can be the springboard or log jam for a healthy music ecosystem. The noise ordinance is either a limiting or functioning capacity by which musicians can test and grow their craft. Venues are both the launch pads and incubators for new material and presentation of finished products – and how these venues can operate determine that success or failure. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, municipal sound management requires constant tweaking to keep venues both good neighbors and sign posts by which municipalities can market their burgeoning/successful music industry. Creating the conditions by which these venues can become successful is paramount.

If, for example, municipal management and regulations do not allow for the sustainable operation of venues, bands will suffer with no places to play that aren’t at risk for disruption. With successful management, venues can become the places where bands are seen and heard thereby advancing music in general. Conversely, if regulation makes it too complicated or places venues are risk, the ability to play live becomes infinitely less – and the music industry will suffer.

Our decades of experience provide a blend of technical, practical, and people skills to develop stable and sustainable noise ordinances – ultimately bringing stakeholders together as partners.

Each of our clients have unique needs, and no single engagement looks like another – so we understand that you might have something specific in mind. Please contact us to start a dialogue.