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When it comes to music ecosystems, cities share many of the same challenges. Notably, the causes vary, so the solution must be designed specifically to fit the community.

Our core offerings are designed to measure the existing music ecosystem and then to develop an action plan to build on those findings. Additionally, we offer community sound management workshops based on our unparalleled expertise developed by achieving a 70% reduction in sound complaints in Austin.  Contact us to learn more.

+ Music Ecosystem Study

Building on the revolutionary Austin Music Census originally commissioned by Don Pitts, this next generation study advances that seminal body of work. For cities and regions, this data-driven study provides a way to understand and measure their existing music ecosystem. The study captures an in-depth look at a city’s music ecosystem and establishes a richly detailed baseline of the current industry landscape as well as music industry jobs, salaries, and revenue. The three key components of the music ecosystem study include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement – Through interviews and focus groups, this step builds relationships and gives voice to constituencies, while also informing and shaping the customization of the audit to each community.
  • Audit – An extensive online survey gathers data from across the entire ecosystem of musicians, music industry, music venues and nightlife establishments, etc.
  • Findings Report – This report provides a comprehensive and a data-driven assessment of the music ecosystem: its industry and its workers. The report compiles data and findings spanning both qualitative and quantitative research.

+ Music Ecosystem Action Plan

Gathering data is an essential piece in creating your music ecosystem strategy. To act on the findings of the study requires an expert guide to build a strategy and implementation plan. We work closely with client leadership and vital stakeholders to develop key recommendations, pragmatic next steps, and measurable goals. The action plan is designed to intentionally manage and grow the music ecosystem into a thriving part of a city’s culture and economy.

+ Community Sound Management Workshops

Community Sound Management is a pragmatic approach for building community - based solutions to accommodate the impact of sound in today's music cities.

Sound complaints impact a city and its quality of life for all involved. Our tried and true approach led to a 70% reduction in sound complaints in Austin, one of the busiest music cities in the world. Don Pitts will lead participants through a workshop designed to learn the fundamentals of Community Sound Management that he developed during his time leading Austin’s Music Office. Don teaches his pragmatic approach to resolving sound issues. Highlights of the workshop include:

  • Learn the partnership approach
  • Identify specific policy changes that support this approach
  • Identify the types of communication, data, and measurements needed

+ Additional Services

In addition to the core packages, our team’s expertise is available to specifically consult on:

  • Sound Issue Management
  • Music Policy Review
  • Music Festival Sound Management Strategy
  • Industry Expert Roundtables and Keynotes