Music Cities Think Tank

When you’re dealing with a complex problem, sometimes the best resource is a person who’s faced an identical or similar challenge. The Music Cities Think Tank was created for this exact reason.

Bringing together music city leaders from around the world, The Music Cities Think Tank is a first-of-its-kind community where experts can learn from each other, share best practices, and gather insights on the issues facing cities with strong entertainment economies.

The initial Music Cities Think Tank is made up of industry professionals and government officials who are actively implementing programs and initiatives in their cities, and who seek to develop and promote new ideas that foster the development of vibrant music city ecosystems.


Members of the Music Cities Think Tank set the topics and new topics are created all the time. Some of the most explored topics include

•   Sound management

•   Crowd management

•   Industry development

•   Music-friendly policies

•   Musician revenue

•   Tourism

•   Export

Participating Cities

  • Chicago
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Denver
  • Ft. Collins
  • Memphis
  • New Orleans
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver 


Learn from the Think Tank: Members are of the inaugural group are available for panel discussions and webinars upon request. Feel free to contact us to get in touch with members of this group.

Join/Form a Think Tank: If you are interested in joining/forming a new a Music Cities Think Tank, please contact us.